Joanne Hall

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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Mary Hess, PhD

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Family violence; Child abuse


Domestic Violence (DV) is seriously prevalent in our society today. Studies have shown that children exposed to DV in the home are more likely to become DV perpetrators in adulthood. This study confirms that idea, yet takes it one step further, by examining which forms of abuse are more likely to be carried on to future generations. Children who are physically abused by their fathers or other paternal figures are more likely to physically abuse their partners in adulthood. The same is true for children who witness physical abuse. Verbal and emotional abuse, towards one's partner, are also correlated to witnessing some physical, verbal and emotional abuses in childhood. This study spells out those correlations. This study also indicates a correlation between witnessing paternal physical abuse towards his partner and participant physical abuse towards his or her partner in adulthood. This study shows that witnessing DV as a child has future implications.


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