Asima Z. Wise

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Master Of Arts In Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Sister Gabrielle Kowalski, O.S.F.

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Children with disabilities--Education; Children with disabilities--Vocational education; Teachers of children with disabilities--Training of


Students with disabilities are leaving high school and are not prepared. What is happening to students with disabilities after high school? Why? What can educators do to ensure that students with disabilities are successfully transitioning into the real world, which includes higher education institutions, long-term employment, and living independently? The purpose of this study was to examine existing data and determine what happened to students once they exited high school. The information provided insight for interested stakeholders on whether the outcomes of students with disabilities need to be improved. Examining the Wisconsin Statewide School District Post High School Outcomes Survey results will give special-education service providers a better understanding of the outcomes of the participants. The survey responses may help educators encourage students to make more informed choices on how to successfully accomplish their post-secondary goals. The survey results were analyzed in an effort to determine how many students were engaged in postsecondary activities in what specific areas. Are students with disabilities securing employment or attending higher education institutions after they leave high school? The state of Wisconsin requires that all students with disabilities to have documented plans before the students reach age fourteen. The transition plans are designed to help students begin to explore and pursue goals that are age appropriate and based upon their interest and abilities. Thousands of transition plans are written annually but are the majority of students accomplishing their post- secondary goals? Students were surveyed and answered a series forty-three interview questionnaire. The survey asked open-ended question that provided surveyors with a data on the students’ activities after they left high school. Transition has been and continues to be a significant area of focus for educators and researchers. There is a continuum of students exiting secondary settings on an annual basis. Thousands of students will be in need of an employment or training. The impact of the large number of students entering post-secondary settings indicates that professors and counselors will need to be equipped to provide accommodations.


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