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Action Research Paper

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Master Of Arts In Urban Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Daryl Rose Coppins, EdD

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Reading comprehension; Reading comprehension--Study and teaching


This study explored the effects explicit instruction on the reading comprehension strategy Question Answer Relationships (QAR) has on the reading comprehension of students. The Question Answer Relationships (QAR) strategy teaches students to categorize questions into four groups and determine where they can find the answer for that question. Explicitly instructing students in this strategy provides them with the knowledge, confidence, and ability to independently make connections between texts and their questions ultimately enhancing their overall reading comprehension. Research studies supporting the enhancement of reading comprehension through explicit strategy instruction are included. Student progress was assessed in several ways to determine the effectiveness of QAR. Data sources included the administration of QRI-5, informal weekly assessments, and graphic organizers. Students participated in this study for a length of six weeks. The results from my action research study display that students’ reading comprehension is enhanced with the explicit instruction of a reading comprehension strategy, QAR. Almost all students from the participant group saw their performances increase throughout the duration of the study.


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