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Master Of Arts In Urban Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Heather M. Pauly

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Reading--Parent participation; Hmong Americans; First grade (Education)


Research on Hmong American childrens’ Home Literacy Environments (HLEs) is limited. Further, although parent participation is increasingly encouraged in the American school system, Hmong American families may face significant barriers to school participation. This study investigated the Home Literacy Environments (HLEs) of 18 Hmong American first graders in an urban Midwestern city through parent interviews. The relationship between home literacy practices and reading achievement data was analyzed using codes from parent interviews and archival reading achievement data to identify emerging patterns and potential relationships. Further, barriers and supports to parent participation in the classroom were explored using parent responses and interviews with Hmong American staff members. Three primary findings emerged from the data, including: (a) nature of the students’ HLEs, (b) emerging patterns between students’ home literacy practices and progress on reading assessments, and (c) barriers and supports affecting parent participation in the classroom. Implications of the study are discussed in relation to future research and practice.


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