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Master Of Arts In Urban Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Language acquisition; Second language acquisition; English language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers; Written communication


Teachers of English Language Learners are faced with the challenge of developing their students’ second language. This study investigates the impact of integrating language instruction during mathematics instruction. The research question asks: What are the effects of using writing language objectives on language proficiency of English Language Learners? The intervention was implemented in a fourth grade dual language classroom comprised of 24 native Spanish speakers of varying English language proficiency levels. During the intervention the researcher modeled writing language objectives, provided more opportunities to write during math lessons, assessed the language objectives, and provided students with written corrective feedback on their writing. The writing samples of five students were analyzed through quantitative rubric data, error analysis, and qualitative trends. The results indicated that integrating language instruction in the content areas, using writing language objectives and a system of written corrective feedback can aid English Language Learners in their second language writing development.


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