Jamita Horton

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Master Of Arts In Urban Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Heather M. Pauly

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Play; Early childhood education


This quasi-experimental study investigated the effects of purposefully framed dramatic play on math achievement and outlook on self and community for kindergarteners. The quasiexperimental study used convenience sampling from an urban school in the Midwest. The findings of this research indicated that children who took part in the dramatic play center had a more positive outlook on both themselves and their school community than those who did not participate in the intervention. In regards to math achievement, the scores of the children who took part in the intervention increased by a slightly higher percentage and those that did not take part in the intervention. The research indicated that children who take part in dramatic play centers had the opportunity to solve problems more productively, think more abstractly, use multiple methods to understand math concepts, and had a more positive view on themselves and school.


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