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Master Of Arts In Urban Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Marian Graeven Peter, PhD

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Reading--Study and teaching; Phonetics--Study and teaching


The purpose of this case study was to assess various phonological awareness and decoding interventions on a young struggling reader. The selected student was a second grade student from a charter school in Milwaukee, WI. The study began with a pre-assessment on the student's Sight Word Efficiency and Phonemic Decoding Efficiency. After the pre-assessment, a three-week long intervention session was given to the student. This intervention session included sight-word recognition skills, letter-sound relationships, blending and segmentation skills as well as reading fluency. These interventions were given through various forms such as flash cards, hands-on activities and technology. At the end of each intervention session, the student was informally assessed on the number of sight words recognized and her overall reading fluency. After the three-week intervention cycle was complete, a post-assessment was given. The results showed that the student improved on their Sight Word Efficiency, Phonemic Decoding Efficiency, Sight-Word Recognition and overall reading fluency.


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