David Baruch

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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Jonathan W. Kanter, PhD

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Behavior assessment; Counseling; Career development


The present study is an initial investigation of the feasibility and efficacy of implementing the Application of Stepped Behavioral Activation to Career Development Counseling (ABCD) protocol at the University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee Career Development Center. Nine participants were administered the ABCD to identify and address barriers interrupting progress on career development goals. Progress was defined as the completion of career-related assignments. The three main hypotheses were that a) feasibility and participant acceptability of the ABCD will warrant a larger randomized controlled study, b) each of the four classes of barriers assessed by the ABCD functional assessment will be endorsed, and c) participants will progress toward their career development goals following the ABCD intervention. Recruitment rates, positive participant feedback, ABCD endorsement distributions and Action Plan completion scores provided preliminary evidence supporting the feasibility of conducting a larger investigation of the ABCD in a college employment context.


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