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Master Of Arts In Urban Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Linda Gordy, PhD

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Literacy; Phonemics; Behavior modification


This research case study was a two-part intervention with a K4 student, which spanned over 15 sessions per intervention. The first intervention examined the effects of shared storybook readings on a K4 student's phonological awareness. The student was administered the Phonemic Awareness Skills Screening (PASS: Crumrine & Lonegan, 2000) as a pretest, an interim test, and a posttest and the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS: Invernizzi, Sullivan, Meier, & Swank, 2004) as a pretest and a posttest. The student displayed improvements in phonological awareness as a result of this intervention. The second intervention studied the impact of utilizing a Daily Report Card (DRC) to improve a K4 student's classroom behavior. A Daily Report Card measured the student's goal behavior each day using smiley faces, straight faces, and sad faces during the intervention. The student displayed some improvements to his classroom behavior as a result of this intervention.


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