Elena Pepe

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Action Research Paper

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Master Of Arts In Urban Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Linda Gordy, PhD

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Word recognition; Music in education; Kindergarten


The following study compared two strategies for teaching at-risk kindergarteners how to read and write grade-level high-frequency words: an experimental strategy using songs and movements and a traditional strategy using flashcards. The researcher hypothesized that the singing strategy would be more effective because the songs provided an additional cue for memorization and that students would be more motivated to learn in the singing condition. Ten students with below-grade-level literacy skills from one urban kindergarten classroom were randomly sorted into the conditions. Performance was measured using a Sight Word Reading Test, a Spelling Assessment, and a survey measuring attitudes towards literacy. The hypothesis was not accepted; however, participants did make significant gains and the experimental group performed slightly better than the control group, particularly in spelling.


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