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Master Of Arts In Urban Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Corey Thompson

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Reading (Kindergarten); Bilingualism; Reading--Aids and devices


This action research study documents the intervention and the results of the effects of the frequency of the Interactive Whiteboard’s (IWB) manipulation on students’ achievement in phonemic awareness in the bilingual kindergarten classroom. Previous research confirms that young students benefit from the use of the IWB in the classroom: students’ motivation and engagement during lessons increases, and limited English proficient students’ literacy achievement improves with the daily use of the IWB (Preston and Mowbray, 2008; Wuerzer, 2008). This study was designed to examine the effects of the frequency of the IWB’s manipulation on kindergarten students’ achievement in phonemic small group instruction. The researcher determined 6 weeks for the duration of the study, which covered 2 kindergarten curriculum units. Student participants manipulated syllable sorting and word building activities on the IWB and took curriculum required and developed by the researcher tests. The findings of the study indicate that a student-centered and frequent utilization of the IWB in the classroom for teaching and learning has a positive effect on students’ academic achievement in phonemic awareness.


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