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Action Research Paper

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Master Of Arts In Urban Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Linda Gordy, PhD

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Code switching (Linguistics); Bilingualism; Bilingualism--Ability testing; Bilingualism--Attitudes


The following action research study presents the findings of codeswitching usage from audio samples of students in a 3rd grade classroom. The following chapters will provide an introduction to the study, a review of literature in the field of codeswitching, procedures of the study, presentation of data, final results, and recommendations for future research. The action research study was designed to address the controversy on the use of codeswitching among developing bilingual individuals. Current theories and researchers question the use of codeswitching, its possible harms, and overall belief that the combining of languages demonstrates a lack of understanding and language proficiencies (Reyes, 2004). Studies such as those referenced in Chapter 2 will discuss the benefits of codeswitching usage as a resource in developing second language proficiency and the theories of higher level thought processing. With the increasing realities of bilingual individuals within the nation, the effects of codeswitching have become increasingly more relevant in the educational field. These observations prompted the researcher to investigate the use of codeswitching and the motives behind students’ use of Spanish and English during informal work time. The purpose of this study was to observe how code switching is used in an informal academic setting among Spanish/English students acquiring a second language.


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