Ashley Yang

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Master Of Arts In Urban Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Luann Dreifurst

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Reading comprehension; Technology and children; iPad (Computer)


This research study was carried out to explore the relationship between reading app use and the reading comprehension of kindergarteners. There were three participants in this study who were all kindergarteners in my classroom. Their ages ranged from five to six years old and all were high-level learners. Compared to the other students in the classroom, these three students were among the most advanced readers. A five-week long reading enrichment plan using a reading app for the iPad was conducted to examine how it would affect the three students’ reading comprehension. The reading app, called Booksy, was used in addition to the core literacy instruction provided in my classroom. While the results from this study do not support the importance of using a reading app for improving kindergarten reading comprehension, it does not discount the usefulness of reading apps completely.


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