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Master Of Arts In Urban Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Daryl Rose Coppins, EdD

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Reading comprehension--Graphic methods; Reading comprehension--Aids and devices; Reading (Elementary)


This study examined how a Story Elements graphic organizer affects reading comprehension. Participants included one fourth grade male and one fifth grade female. Over the course of four weeks, students attended 50 minute sessions in which the areas of reading rate, miscues, retelling, and reading comprehension were assessed. Students received modeling in various reading strategies based on his/her individual needs. Results show that a Story Elements graphic organizer does positively affect reading comprehension for retelling and explicit reading comprehension. Students improved his/her retelling percentage and number of correct explicit reading comprehension questions from the beginning of the intervention to the end of the intervention, according to pre-assessment tests and post-assessment tests. Implicit reading comprehension scores for each student remained the same throughout the study.


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