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Master Of Arts In Urban Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Linda Gordy, PhD

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Motivation in education; Reading (Elementary); Children with mental disabilities


This study was a case study which focused on improving reading achievement and reading motivation for a student attending a large mid-West urban school district. The student was in second grade at and is diagnosed with a mild cognitive disability. The intervention consisted of ten sessions, for 60 minutes. The sessions focused on research-based methods to increase reading motivation and achievement: content goals, student choice, and hands on activities. Pre and post data was collected on the students reading motivation, reading achievement, performance in the literacy sessions, and classroom behaviors. The results of the study indicated that the interventions had an effect on the students motivation as measured in a motivation survey, behavior in sessions and classroom behavior. In addition, the student's reading achievement increased through the study. At the end the student was able to move from a frustration level to an instruction level on primer text.


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