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Master Of Arts In Urban Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Ilene Ehr

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Mathematics--Study and teaching; Word problems (Mathematics)--Study and teaching


Math word problem solving capability is a synthesis of reading comprehension, background knowledge recall, and math computation ability. The primary purpose of this case study was to determine if repetition and practice of translating algebraic sentences from English to numeric expressions was beneficial to a student when assessed on translating sentences into algebraic equations. The 14-day intervention also included the practice by example of algebra concepts of solving rates and proportions, the use of the balancing method to solve equations, and solving linear models. A secondary question asked whether this intervention would improve a student's score on the TOMA-2 Subtest 4 Word Problem portion of the assessment. The data collected from this intervention determined that practice and repetition of translating English phrases of expressions to numeric sentences was beneficial to a student being able to successfully translate a basic word problem into an algebraic sentence. Through observations and data collected there was no evidence that this intervention increased the student's score from a pretest and posttest of the TOMA-2 Subtest 4 Word Problem portion of the assessment.


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