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Master Of Arts In Urban Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Richard Drida

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Reading comprehension--Graphic methods; Metacognition; Reading comprehension; Vocabulary


This study documents the effects of explicitly taught metacognitive reading strategies using graphic organizers and the effect on two intermediate elementary students. Students met with the researcher for individualized instruction focusing on comprehension and use of metacognition and self-monitoring while reading. The study gathered data from multiple sources including pre and post-testing from the Qualitative Reading Inventory 5 (Leslie & Caldwell, 2011), and researcher-created data records. Both of the subjects made significant gains in retell, vocabulary and comprehension, leading to an increased reading level. The use of graphic organizers to support metacognitive reading practice is a promising practice and has many applicable uses for the classroom. The results of this study indicate that explicit instruction on processes like self-monitoring for comprehension can increase comprehension of an instructional level non-fiction text.


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