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Master Of Arts In Urban Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Marian Graeven Peter, PhD

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Phonemics; Language disorders; Speech disorders


This study documents the effect of teaching phonemic awareness skills using multiple learning modalities to a pre-kindergarten student with a speech and language disability. Previous research indicates that phoneme awareness can be taught and developed with students who have a speech impairment as early as ages three and four (Gail T. Gillon, 2005). An action research was designed to increase phonemic awareness development. The student participant received explicit instruction combined with a variety of engaging, playful activities that addressed a variety of learning modalities over 11 sessions. Progress was monitored through a pre- and post-assessment, along with records and observations in a daily log. The findings of the action research indicate instruction of phonemic awareness skills that utilizes multiple learning modalities can lead to overall growth in phonemic awareness skills.


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