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Master Of Arts In Urban Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Susan Rennane

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Reading--Study and teaching; Motivation in education


An intervention focused on teacher assisted guided reading, repeated reading, and a reading motivation technique was implemented to increase the fluency of a special education student with a Learning Disability (LD) in an 8th grade mid-western school. Previous research has indicated that both repeated readings and reading motivation techniques increase academic achievement (Hawkins, Hale, Sheeley, and Ling, 2011; Hulleman and Harackiewicz, 2009), but few investigations have integrated these interventions. This research used a utility value technique along with texts of gradually increasing difficulty, facilitated by oral reading and feedback provided by an individual educator, to increase a student's reading speed and accuracy. An analysis of pretest and posttest results, as measured by the Pearson Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI-5; Leslie & Caldwell, 2011) and Adolescent Motivation to Read profile (Pitcher et al., 2007), indicated small but notable improvements in value attributed to reading, as well as increased performance on word lists, correct words per minute, and accuracy.


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