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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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David Cipriano, PhD

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Bereavement--Psychological aspects; Negativism; Positivism


Emotional distress is defined as a negative emotional reaction that individuals experience after a traumatic life event. Grief is often described as a type of emotional distress one feels when something or someone they care for is taken away. While loss affects people in different ways, individuals can utilize both positive and negative coping mechanisms as a way to work through the stages of grief. The present study looked at different coping mechanisms that individuals have. The results were not significant for younger children reporting more sleep disturbances than older children and adults. F (2,73) = 0.081, p> 0.05. The results were significant between the parents and children on the importance of spirituality and coping. F(2, 73) =10.01, p< 0.05. Specifically, parents relied more on religious activities than younger children.


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