Ranjit Singh

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Master Of Arts In Urban Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Susan Rennane

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Learning disabilities; Reading comprehension; Writing--Study and teaching; Fluency (Language learning)


In this study, the effects of research based literacy interventions in the areas of comprehension, writing, fluency, and vocabulary were implemented on a struggling reading with a learning disability. The aim was to find out if these interventions would help to increase the student’s overall literacy skills. A student, identified as having a Speech and Language Impairment (SPLI) as well as Cognitive Disability (CD) who was transitioning into 9th grade was the center of this study. The student struggled with comprehension of expository texts, organized writing, sentence structure, fluency, and acquiring new vocabulary. Various interventions were examined, and then implemented based on the needs of this particular student. It was discovered, that a one on one intervention was successful based on the results of the data collection before, after, and during the implementation of these various intervention strategies.


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