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Master Of Arts In Urban Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Andrea Heckner

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Grammar, Comparative and general--Morphology; Spelling ability; Reading (Elementary)


This case study researched the effects of teaching derivational suffix knowledge on the spelling and reading skills of an advanced reader. The participant was a second grade female who was recognized for her ability to lead and her advanced academic capabilities. Her summer school teacher, who believed she could benefit from individualized instruction in reading at her higher ability level, referred her for a summer intervention program. The intervention was created to meet several of the common core standards. The intervention took place over seven one hour sessions. During that time, the participant worked with the researcher in a quiet individualized setting using hands-on strategies to develop derivational suffix knowledge. The overall results of the intervention indicated that explicitly teaching derivational suffixes can be an effective method to increase the reading comprehension skills of an advanced elementary reader.


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