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Master Of Arts In Urban Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Ilene Ehr

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Code switching (Linguistics); Writing; African American students; African American teenagers


This study examined the effects of explicit and systematic code-switching or dialect-shifting instruction on a writing performance of a sixth grade student speaking African American English. Intervention included code-switching or teaching when a certain language variety is appropriate, a side-by-side contrasting of the features of African American English(AAE) and Standard American English, and sentence “translations” from one dialect into another one (Wheeler & Swords, 2008). The intervention was delivered to the subject over the course of nine 60-minute sessions. Writing samples were collected throughout the sessions and were analyzed for the number of features of African American English to monitor the subject's progress. The findings of the study indicated that explicit code-switching instruction in subject-verb agreement made a positive effect on the student's writing. While other features of AAE were present in her post-intervention writing sample, they were not sufficiently addressed in the intervention and can serve as a starting point for future studies.


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