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Master Of Arts In Urban Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Marian Graeven Peter, PhD

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Vocabulary--Study and teaching; Reading comprehension; Science--Study and teaching


The purpose of this case study was to determine if the use of specific vocabulary interventions increase comprehension in the science content area. This was a comparison study which compared the effects of two vocabulary interventions. Half of the study used the Frayer model, while the other half used Learning vocabulary in context reading strategy. The hypothesis was that both learning interventions will increase comprehension, but the Frayer Model will be the more effective intervention for increasing comprehension. The intervention plan and procedure were connected to with current research on comprehension in the content areas. The student received 15 intervention sessions, each of which was 60 minutes long over a four-week period. Analysis of pre and post test results showed improvement of comprehension skills from both interventions types, but the Frayer Model was the more effective intervention.


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