Anne E. Zabel

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Master Of Arts In Urban Special Education

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Marian Graeven Peter, PhD

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Mathematics--Audiovisual aids; iPad (Computer)


The purpose of this research and intervention was to determine if the use of iPad technology during mathematical instruction would increase student achievement and motivation. During the five-week intervention, the participant was taught strategies for solving double and triple digit addition and subtraction equations. Those strategies were paired with the use of iPad technology. By the end of the five-week intensive intervention, the participant made large gains on the post-test as well as maintaining more consistent scores on the progress monitoring probes throughout the length of the study. Furthermore, the participant’s motivation and excitement of learning mathematics also increased by the end of this five-week study. Increasing the intensity of the intervention, adding engaging iPad technology and providing immediate feedback were some of the strengths of this study. Some of the limitations were providing a clear understanding of the Math Attitudes Survey to the participant as well as only working with one student in the study. Some of the recommendations made for classroom teachers in general from this study were coupling traditional mathematic instruction with specific technology and giving students a second chance to answer problems that were solved incorrectly the first time. Some of the recommendations made for teachers working with the participant specific to this study included allowing the student to use his own dry/erase whiteboard to solve problems, encouraging him to pay careful attention to the problems instead of focusing on how fast he can work, providing immediate feedback for the student and working to build a good relationship with him so he feels supported and confident with his work.


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