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Master Of Science In Nursing

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Ruth S. Coleman College Of Nursing And Health Sciences

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Ruth M. Waite, PhD, RN

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Nurses--Attitudes; Geriatric nursing


With the geriatric population increasing and doubling by the year 2030, their health care needs are also increasing. However, preconceived notions of medical/surgical registered nurses about geriatrics clients may affect the way that the nursing staff will interact with geriatric clients. The purpose of this study was to examine the hypothesis: There is a relationship between selected demographic variables and preconceived notions of practicing medical/surgical registered nurses about geriatric clients. An e-mail questionnaire was sent to 150 State of Wisconsin licensed, practicing, medical/surgical registered nurses. This questionnaire included the Palmore's Facts of Aging Quiz 1 and asked for respondents' demographical information. Two of the survey questions were answered incorrectly with a positive bias, two were answered incorrectly with a neutral bias, and six were answered incorrectly with a negative bias. The Chi-square and Cramer's V tests were used to examine the relationship between demographic variables and preconceived notions of medical/surgical registered nurses. The data did not suggest that the survey questions were affected by a relationship between preconceived notions held by nurses about geriatric clients and individual demographic variables of practicing medical/surgical registered nurses. This research will assist nurse educators, staff developers and patient educators to better understand the various beliefs that they hold, as well as those of practicing nurses and nursing students, about geriatric clients. Through knowledge gained, the student or nurse will have a clearer understanding of their personal beliefs about their geriatric clients, thereby improving the care that they provide to these clients.


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