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Master Of Science In Nursing

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Ruth S. Coleman College Of Nursing And Health Sciences

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Ruth M. Waite, PhD, RN

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Nursing; Student counselors; Career education; High school teachers


With the nursing shortage in the United States at a critical level, coupled with a rising elderly population there is a looming crisis of care based on limited nursing resources. High school teachers who provide career assistance have the ability to help students understand professional nursing as a career choice. The purpose of this study was to identify the perceptions of high school teachers providing career advising related to a professional nursing career. Fifty surveys were mailed, with a response rate of 70%, to high school teachers from Southeastern Wisconsin who participated in the grant program to promote health care careers. The Perception of Professional Nurse Role Scale was used to measure preconceived ideas for factors related to professional nursing. Thirty-seven of the 50 survey questions were scored above 75% for a common perception of the professional nursing role by 78% of the high school teachers. This result suggests that high school teachers responding to this survey have many common perceptions of the role of the professional nurse. Teachers identified the need for nurses to have additional education in biological and physical sciences. Teachers further identified the professional nursing role did not carry the same professional status as engineers, professors and attorneys. Only 55% of high school teachers were aware of the Advance Practice Midwifery role as an advanced skill based , on additional education. Only 55% identified the importance of nursing having more control over patient care. Another 60.7% viewed professional nursing having accountability for the coordination of care. There were mixed perceptions between the profession and nurses' role in research activities. Also 59% identified that professional nurses do not hide their feelings of anger. This study supports a need for future studies and to create better linkages and communication with high school teachers. Key areas of misconception, important in providing career advising need to be clarified. The findings demonstrate the importance of nurses partnering with high school teachers in promoting the career choice of professional nursing.


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