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Evidence Based Nursing Education Project

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Master Of Science In Nursing

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Ruth S. Coleman College Of Nursing And Health Sciences

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Christine Miller, PhD, RN

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Evidence-based nursing;Transformational leadership; Nurse administrators


Purpose: To determine evidence-based leadership behaviors that positively influence nurse managers' performance outcomes in the acute care setting. Design: Integrative literature review Methods: CINAHL and MEDLINE databases were searched 2004-2014 using "leadership behaviors of nurse managers", and "nurse manager performance outcomes" terms for research in English, peer-reviewed journals meeting this review's purpose. Findings: Ten studies support the use of transformational leadership behaviors by nurse managers to positively influence their performance outcomes. Conclusions: Strengthening nurse manager leadership skills will be a positive step in addressing the challenges of an emerging shortage of registered nurses. Relevance to Nursing Education: Findings are relevant in determining the needed content of nursing education to support nurse managers in becoming effective, transformational leaders.


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