Ann Luba

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Evidence Based Nursing Education Project

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Master Of Science In Nursing

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Ruth S. Coleman College Of Nursing And Health Sciences

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Christine Miller, PhD, RN

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Nursing -- Education; Service learning; Nursing; Student-centered learning


Service learning is a pedagogy in which the educator guides the student through reflection and links course content, as the student provides a community service to a group or an individual in a reciprocal relationship. There is limited research in nursing to support the use of this pedagogy. This literature review looks at research from 2006 through 2011 in nursing and other health care professions, to identify, analyze and synthesize student centered outcomes achieved through service learning. These student centered outcomes provide the credibility needed to support the use of the service learning pedagogy by the nurse educator. A multimethod search of the literature followed by the application of a grading methodology to identify the strongest research available was completed. The nursing theory of Parse’s human becoming was the grounding framework for the service learning model developed. The concepts used in the model include: service learning experience, reciprocal learning, reflection, student transformation, and student centered outcomes. Upon analysis of the research, three themes emerged: becoming personal, becoming professional and becoming academic. The student centered outcomes that were identified included increasing knowledge and skills, providing meaningful learning, enhancing professionalism, supporting cultural competency, improving civic responsibility, developing values of altruism and social justice and enhancing personal growth. These student centered outcomes attained through a service learning experience are the evidence the educator needs to support the use of the service learning pedagogy.


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