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Master Of Science In Nursing

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Ruth S. Coleman College Of Nursing And Health Sciences

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Mary Kathrein, EdD,

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Industrial nursing; Occupational health services; Employees--Attitudes


Occupational health nurses address the health and safety issues of employees. The occupational health nurse practice incorporates many roles. Based upon this investigator's literature search, there appears to be a lack of understanding on how the employee perceives the role of the occupational health nurse. The purpose of this study was to investigate the occupational health nurse role as perceived by the employee. A three method approach, to develop insight into the role of the occupational health nurse as perceived by the employees, was used to obtain data for this topic. A questionnaire was distributed to three industrial employees who volunteered on their own time for the project. An approximate one hour interview with each of those employees followed after the questionnaire was completed. Two of the employees who participated in the interview, along with two additional industrial employees, then participated in a focus group. Throughout the interview and focus group, two roles of the nurse were identified. These included the educator role and nursing care provider role. The theme associated with these roles identified throughout the study was "caring." Sub-themes identified were in safety provision and employee empowerment. This study adds to the body of knowledge needed to define the occupational health nurse role using the dimension of employees' direct comments.


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