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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Joe Hatcher, PhD

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Media--Influence; Happiness


The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between media usage and level of happiness. Media usage is defined as the amount of time spent watching television and/or playing video games. Happiness is best represented by the Happiness Formula, which is further explained in the Introduction. It was hypothesized that participants who spent more time engaged in media usage would have lower levels of happiness than participants who spent more time engaged in other flow activities. Flow activities are defined as activities a person loses oneself in completely (Csikszentmihihalyi, 1990). The only thing the person is aware of is the pleasure of engaging in the activity. Other flow activities include: playing non-electronic games, reading, cooking, and others. To test this hypothesis, the participants were given a packet of surveys designed to determine how much time per week is spent engaged in media usage, how much time is spent in other flow activities, and the level of each person’s happiness and life satisfaction.


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