Jon Oelke

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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Gregory Jurenec, PhD

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Emotions; Anger; Discrimination; Race discrimination


People have always struggled with those who are different. Historically, societies and the people that comprise society have been reluctant to accept those who differ in appearance, beliefs, customs, or orientation. There has always been a subset of any given population that has been at least reluctant to tolerate such differences. Probably the most recognized form of this intolerance of difference is racism. While there are many factors that induce intolerance, this study reviewed some of the external and internal factors that may influence intolerance. The literature review examined external factors, such as a family environment and the media, as well as internal factors, such as beliefs and emotions. One factor in particular that seems to have promise in relating to intolerance is Trait Anger. Current literature provides evidence that there is a link between anger and intolerance. Therefore, this study set out to examine the relationship between Trait Anger and intolerance in general, as well as racism as a subset of intolerance. To investigate this link, 50 participants, ages 18-23, were given the State Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2 and the Intolerant Schema Measure to determine their levels of Trait Anger and Intolerance. Comparisons of these surveys found no significant relationships between Trait Anger and any forms of intolerance. A discussion of these findings as well as the relationships found between different forms of intolerance is provided.


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