Paula O'Leary

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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Brad Grunert, PhD

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Child abuse; Substance abuse; Teenagers; Urban teenagers


Research has suggested that there is a relationship between childhood abuse and substance abuse. This report examined this relationship among a predominantly urban adolescent population. It also explored the differences in childhood abuse and substance abuse between genders. Psychological evaluations of both juvenile delinquency cases and CHIPS (child in need of protection and services) cases, were reviewed. This archival study demonstrated no significant relationship between childhood abuse and substance abuse within this population. It showed that female adolescents were more likely to have reported cases of childhood abuse than male adolescents, but that there were no significant differences in substance abuse between genders. The population measured, along with the sample size differences between genders, could have contributed to these results. Therefore, all of these areas need further exploration, as the data obtained in this study may not be applicable to the general population.


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