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Sister Mary Carmel Bussen

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Research Paper

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Master of Arts in Education (Education of Mentally Handicapped)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Sister Joanne Marie Kliebhan, O.S.F.

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People with mental disabilities--Social conditions; People with mental disabilities--Employment


The purpose of this paper was to investigate the demands most vital for the adjustment of the retarded person into society. The studies and opinions which were researched dealt mainly with the educable mentally retarded. They were also narrowed to include only the social demands necessary for successful functioning on a job. In many studies and evaluations it was found that the success or failure, the adequacy or inadequacy of the mentally retarded person depended upon social competence, not on intelligence, or a diploma, or even vocational skills. The implications for the education of the mentally retarded should be most obvious.


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