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Sister Michael Marie Sweeney, O.S.B.

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Master of Arts in Education (Education of Mentally Handicapped)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Sister Mary Theodore, O.S.F.

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Children with mental disabilities; Community and school; Religious education of children


Community attitudes are an essential factor in the growth and development of community participation in this field. The study proposed for this dissertation investigated an understanding or lack of understanding on the part of the members of a community concerning retarded children and their needs. Where there was lack of understanding and knowledge of the work in the field of mental retardation, a follow-up letter and explanation of the work undertaken was considered beneficial to the specific community involved in this study and to other religious communities as well. It may also provide a basis on which a selection of future personnel can be made to promote advancement over present endeavors in the field of mental retardation.


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