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Research Paper

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Master of Arts in Education (Learning disabilities)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Sister Joanne Marie Kliebhan, O.S.F.

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Mainstreaming in education; Children with social disabilities--Education; Special education


How is the exceptional child best served by a school system? Should this child be segregated into a special class with others like himself, only to be released for physical education, and music? Will the teacher of the regular classroom accept a handicapped child in his/her room? How much supportive help will be available if he/she does? These are all questions which face educators, parents and children when the placement of a handicapped child is discussed. The major thrust of this paper was to discern whether or not mainstreaming the exceptional child is a viable, humanistic, and educationally sound alternative to the self-contained special class. In reviewing current research the writer has included articles from 1964-1974.


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