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Sister Deborah A. Bomyea, O.P.

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Master of Arts in Education (Professional Development in Youth Ministry)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Sister Joanne Marie Kliebhan, O.S.F.

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Church work with teenagers; Church work with youth; Moral education (Secondary); Christian ethics; Moral development; Faith development


The intent of this study was to gain a background in moral development. For this study the background development had two directions: (1.) to acquire knowledge of the historical and biblical foundation of Catholic moral theology, and (2) to grasp an understanding of the two current major contributors to adolescent moral and faith development, namely Lawrence Kohlberg and James Fowler. This study attempted to answer the call to assist youth in finding the inner courage, strength, and Christian identity to be able to deal with social and peer pressures in making choices that are morally right for them and all other concerned.


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