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Sister Marita McKenna, C.S.B.

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Research Paper

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Master of Arts in Education (Reading Specialist)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Sister Marie Colette Roy, O.S.F.

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Elementary school principals; Teachers--In-service training


The writer of this paper had been a primary reading teacher for a number of years. Recently, she has assumed the responsibility of principal in an elementary school. Realizing how instrumental she should be in creating an atmosphere in which effective teaching of reading and maximum learning takes place, the writer decided to pursue the study of the role of the principal in the prevention of reading problems. Hopefully the research findings will reveal a two-fold purpose in: 1) Clarifying the responsibilities and the basic duties of the principal in maintaining an effective reading program. 2) Providing guidance through an In-service workshop for all those administrators interested in improving the reading within their schools.


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