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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Lela Joscelyn, PhD

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Sex (Psychology)


One’s first sexual experience can be seen as a very important event. As such, it is necessary to investigate the kind of effect this pivotal event can have on future aspects of sexuality. Sixty-eight undergraduate and graduate students were given a survey regarding their first sexual experience and current sexuality. It was hypothesized that promiscuity would be correlated negatively by younger age at first intercourse and by guilt or pressure felt during first intercourse, with preparedness (how ready or prepared they felt they were to have sex) having no effect. Current sexual satisfaction would correlate negatively with age at first intercourse and guilt or pressure experienced, and positively with preparedness. Results were analyzed using correlations and multiple regressions and no significant relationship was found between first sexual experience and later sexuality. This information will assist people in making more educated choices regarding the effects of their decision on their sexuality by informing them what consequences their choices may have, as well as providing a basis for researching ways to improve emotional sexual health.


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