Julie Wilson

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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Brad Grunert, PhD

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Marriage counseling; Unmarried couples; Mental health; Happiness; Counseling--Religious aspects


Marriage within the United States of America is experiencing record high divorce rates (Markman, 2001). This has led to family breakdowns, increased numbers of delinquent children and a rise in co-habitation couples. It is with this current state of affairs that religious pre-marital counseling is being used as a tool to help couples learn about marriage and better position themselves for a satisfying and lasting relationship. The purpose of this study is to explore the satisfaction of clients who attended religious pre-marital counseling and better understand how it has impacted their relationships. This study examined the marriage satisfaction level of participants in religious pre-marital counseling. The interviews found a high rate of personal satisfaction and a higher level of recommendation of the counseling to others from those who participated in pre-marital religiously based counseling. These results allow for psychologists and others in the counseling profession to help direct clients to visit with religious counselors before marriage because the individual/couple will ideally find satisfaction from the experience and perhaps increase their probability of a lasting marriage.


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