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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Stephanie Zanowski, PhD

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Anxiety; Insomnia--Psychological aspects; Students, Foreign


The research shows that international students tend to experience a greater degree of physical and psychological difficulties, such as anxiety and insomnia, because it has been found that they have fewer resources to cope with these conditions. In this study, the investigator attempted to show that there is a relationship between the duration of international students’ stay in the United States with anxiety and insomnia. The investigator also examined gender differences based on the theory that women may experience more anxiety and insomnia symptoms than men. The study used twenty-two international students from Cardinal Stritch University. The findings indicated that the duration of stay in the United States was not a good predictor of state or trait anxiety and insomnia in international students. The relationship between those three variables was further investigated, however the results were insignificant. There was no gender difference found in anxiety and insomnia symptoms in Cardinal Stritch University students. The investigator also found that the majority of students from Cardinal Stritch University reported medium levels of state and trait anxiety, and almost half of the students reported some levels of insomnia with three students indicating clinical insomnia symptoms. Limitations for the study and implications for future research were also discussed.


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