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Master of Arts in Education (Reading Specialist)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Sister Julitta Fisch, O.S.F.

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Reading--Aids and devices; Reading--Study and teaching; Technology and children


Educators have been exhorted to experiment with different techniques to discover ways of teaching reading more effectively and have been censured for their negligence in not making greater use of visual media. Yet, at the same time, teachers have been warned to "wait and see", and not to accept exaggerated claims because the effectiveness of mechanical aids in teaching reading is still considered controversial by many authorities. The aim of this experimental study was to determine the value of direct teaching of reading skills through a commercially prepared filmstrip program, "Tachist-O-Filmstrips", as opposed to a teacher-developed instructional program at the secondary level. Specific objectives centered about the comparative values of the two programs in their effects on: 1. General reading achievement 2. Vocabulary growth - both recognition and meaning 3. Comprehension accuracy 4. Rate of reading 5. Interest in reading.


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