Rodrigo Ayala

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Master Of Business Administration

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College Of Business And Management

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Ralph J. Rich, Ed.D.

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Tesla Motors; Autonomous vehicles


Demonstrating profitability has been a major challenge for Tesla Motors. This research explored the creation of a rideshare service as a short-term and long-term instrument for growth. Information was gathered and analyzed from successful and unsuccessful businesses to determine viability and potential for success. The research question asked, what are the existing technologies, services, and or business models that can be implemented by Tesla Motors to both innovate and improve profitability? This study used a qualitative research approach to assess available published data and to evaluate possible options to answer the research question. The findings conclude that Tesla should enter the rideshare industry; it would be feasible and attractive in terms of ROI, and require minimal initial investment. Further suggestions outline disruption and encroachment into the multibillion dollar healthcare industry.


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