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Master Of Business Administration

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College Of Business And Management

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Ralph J. Rich, Ed.D.

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Health facilities--Personnel management; Long-term care of the sick


This research project examines recruitment and retention challenges of frontline employees in the long-term care industry. National labor trends are studied to build a foundation for causes of the staffing crisis. These trends are then reviewed alongside trends specific to the long-term care industry. Narrowing the project’s scope to Wisconsin industries and five long-term care facilities in Southeastern Wisconsin, a full discussion of turnover, reasons for departure, and best practices is provided utilizing the research methods quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, SWOT analysis, and best practices. Based upon the research, recommendations to solve the business problem include: developing strong on-boarding and continuous employee recognition processes, making fair living wages and benefit packages a top priority, reviewing job requirements and developing competencies for each position, developing career paths that offer advancement opportunities, offering training and continuous education opportunities, and seeking out new demographics.


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