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Master of Arts in Education (Reading Specialist)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Sister Julitta Fisch, O.S.F.

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Reading (Secondary); Reading comprehension; Reading programs


The purpose of this study is to determine whether students have the ability to perform certain study skills in their required subjects at the tenth grade level, and the degree of proficiency. A second purpose is to determine whether a relationship exists between students' general reading ability and their proficiency in these reading study skills. A final purpose is to determine teachers' awareness and attention to these study skills because, if weaknesses do exist, teachers must be involved in their correction. Stated as specific questions, the problem takes this form: 1. Do students have certain reading study skills needed for the various academic pursuits at the tenth grade level? 2. Are their teachers aware of the skills needed? 3. If weaknesses exist in these skills, are any steps being taken to ameliorate them? 4. If ameliorative steps are being taken, what is their nature?


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