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Master of Arts in Education (Reading Specialist)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Sister Julitta Fisch, O.S.F.

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Reading programs; Reading teachers; Reading programs--Evaluation


The problem of this research is to evaluate six selected curricula in the school systems of a metropolitan area to determine how efficiently the idea of sequential and continuous growth in the interpretive reading skills at grades one to six inclusive is developed. The term "curricula" is taken to mean guides designed to integrate the goals, units of work, and activities which will assist teachers in the development of a sequential learning program. Concerning the curricula, this study has as its specific objectives to ascertain answers to the following questions: 1) Are the interpretive reading skills clearly outlined in terms of sequential growth? 2) Do they alert teachers to the importance of centering attention on the reading process and skills rather than simply reading certain selections? 3) Are activities suggested for the different levels provocative of greater depth of interpretive reading skills as the child proceeds from level to level? 4) Are these activities adaptable to various methods of approach, e.g., basal or individualized, and graded or sequential achievement levels? The writer hopes that these data regarding the effectiveness of the selected curricula will: 1) Improve the quality of the teaching of reading in the elementary classroom by enriching the learning experience of the pupils. 2) Enable beginning teachers, in particular, to experience more security and success in their initial teaching experiences by useful guides combining the goal-curriculum factors. 3) Focus attention of college instructors in teacher preparation courses on the correct use and interpretation of reading curricula.


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