Abby L. Dion

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Master Of Business Administration

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College Of Business And Management

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Ralph J. Rich, Ed.D.

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Health facilities--Personnel management


This thesis is designed to take a deep look into two types of staffing models found in the healthcare industry. A qualitative study is used to explore strengths and weaknesses of permanent and contingent workforce solutions. The problem statement is focused on determining the workforce solution method that is most successful for healthcare organizations. The issue was evaluated and analyzed through the examination of peer-reviewed literature, as well as healthcare organizations that have experienced positive outcomes from contingent or permanent staffing solutions. The final recommendation, derived from research conclusions, encourages healthcare organizations to incorporate a hybrid model of temporary and permanent clinicians. This solution results in meeting the expectation of delivering quality healthcare to all communities. The outcomes of the hybrid model doesl provide health systems with optimal staffing sustainability, and cost efficiency.


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