David Ealy

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Master Of Business Administration

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College Of Business And Management

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Bruce Loppnow

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Pharmaceutical industry; Business Planning


The research problem statement used for the organization was how could Almac fill capacity to become profitable and grow the business from a two million dollar operation to a ten million dollar operation within five years? The Almac US Commercial division is a new addition to the Almac Corporation and needs to grow the business. Almac corporate has expressed the need to grow the division and is requiring personnel to research and provide ways in which the division will fill capacity and fill orders. This is in response to executive management investing a large amount of capital for the site and is expecting to increase their return on investment, or ROI. The research methodology used to capture data to support recommendations was gathered using the following tools: Capacity spreadsheet; Daily Production Accountability spreadsheet; Customer Survey; Interview with Senior Leadership. Each one of these tools was used to show how Almac was performing with the client and how to measure the capacity needed to get business into the Audubon site. The methods of data collection also included the input of senior leadership to steer the research and focus of the organization to help it to grow steadily.


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