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Master Of Business Administration

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College Of Business And Management

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Stephanie Holguin

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General Electric Corporation; Contracting out; Economics; Quality of products


General Electric has relied heavily on global markets in recent years with most of its revenue and employees deriving from foreign countries. This paper will address whether outsourcing compromises product integrity at General Electric, or improve the company’s overall performance. Outsourcing has been the cause of many US workers losing their jobs resulting in a weakened US economy. If outsourcing is not generating favorable results for General Electric, it would be beneficial for both the company as well as the American people to return more jobs to the US. Research was conducted by utilizing various newspaper and journal articles. Research concluded that there is a possible link between outsourcing and compromised product integrity; however, that link was not strong enough to completely discontinue global operations. Instead GE could create more jobs in the US to allow those with the technological capabilities to test products prior to placing them in the market.


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