Michael D Key

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Research Paper

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Master of Arts in Education (Special Education)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Robert P. King

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Team learning approach in education; Group work in education


Today's children need to learn more academics than ever before. They need to learn social skills and how to cooperate. Teachers must address all these needs in the classroom. The cooperative learning model is an exciting teaching model that teaches academics while concomitantly teaching social skills. However, many teachers are not using this model. Many veteran teachers may be unwilling to adopt this new model, feeling that their tried and true methods are better. Rookie teachers may not have been exposed to the cooperative learning model, or they may feel incapable of implementing the model in the classroom. Many teachers are currently using group work in the classroom and are mistakenly labelling it cooperative learning. Cooperative learning is a structured model that utilizes specific steps in a required order. Teachers and students must all be active participants in order for maximum learning to occur on all academic and social levels. This researcher believes that, in order for all students to mature into well-adjusted, productive members of American society, all teachers on all grade levels and in all subject areas should embrace cooperative learning and use it in their classrooms. Unfortunately, this is not the case at this present time. The purpose of this research was to outline the cooperative learning model and to demonstrate its implementation. The majority of American teachers are not utilizing the cooperative learning model at this time (Prescott, 1989). Increased presentation of the cooperative learning model, increased demonstration of implementation of the model, and, ultimately, the increased use of the cooperative learning model will increase its utilization across the country. This researcher believes that teachers will implement the cooperative learning model if it is available in a usable form. This model must be basic and flexible enough to be adapted to all subject areas or grade levels. As teachers throughout the country use this model, students will become more sophisticated in its use and will gain intrinsic social skills. This will lead to untold benefits for all students and ultimately for society. This research is based on the review of studies involving students in grades kindergarten through fifth. The students in the studies were from all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic stratas. The research materials covered all subject areas in the curriculum across the United States. The materials reviewed dated from 1985 to the present.


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